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"It's time to really show what we can do with the hijab on," Muslim basketball star Indira Kaljo says.
"It's time to really show what we can do with the hijab on," Muslim basketball star Indira Kaljo says.
A brief oral history of Summitt’s time with the first U.S. women’s Olympics basketball team.
"Summitt was a true pioneer in every sense of the word."
Is the WNBA "struggling for relevance" as Richard Sandomir and The New York Times claim? If you know a bit of history, none of the "struggles" we observe are surprising or unusual.
Stop doubting women's leagues because of perceived generalizations and stereotypes. There are many leagues besides the WNBA (such as the National Women's Hockey League, Women's Soccer, etc.) that also showcase players with just as much ability as male athletes of the same sport.
The WNBA needs more women to watch in order to stay viable. It's no secret that NBA has been carrying the league since its inception. The following truth is hard to swallow, but it's the truth nonetheless -- the WNBA would be defunct right now if it weren't for the NBA.
As for writing teams....I enjoy working on continuities with other authors, but I prefer having control of my own story, characters
Last Monday night I watched the Stanford women's basketball team, ranked a mere sixth in the country, defend their current streak of 27 home court wins against the University of Connecticut's powerhouse squad.
The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York is a popular vacation destination but there are many sports represented around the country that are worth a trip too.
Angela Salvadores was incredible for Spain, keeping them in contention with a 40-point performance and was named the tournament MVP.
This year, one of the first big women's head coaching jobs at the University of Arkansas went to Jimmy Dykes, a long-time ESPN commentator with little prior coaching experience and none in the last 20 years. It is a move that has prompted many to wonder -- are men taking over women's basketball?
Jesperson will move into the program next season and likely fill the role that Orekhova is in this season. Look for South
I had been blessed with gifts that the world recognized: height, agility, coordination and strength.
Catholics attending Mass last Sunday at St. Mary's Church in Milford, CT were so startled to read criticism of the popular basketball coach in their weekly bulletin. Few criticize Coach Auriemma -- especially not in a column from a pastor in a parish bulletin.