World Humanitarian Summit

Did all this happen despite people's despair over high unemployment, rising inequality and a growing trust deficit in institutions
Our global responsibility entails unpacking existing evidence of trends and current impacts, while also taking appropriate action. We have to both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and look holistically and globally at economies, poverty, education, trade and human rights.
At One World Children's Fund, we have invested time, money, and trust in our grassroots partners. 1) Provide more than $2.5
Climate change is fueling more frequent and more devastating natural disasters, and climate- and conflict-fueled crises are triggering simultaneous, pan-regional emergencies. These crises are spurring record levels of migrants seeking safety and survival.
After the United Nations lavishly highlighted its achievements during the World Humanitarian Summit, Syrian NGOs have expressed
I joined about 6000 other delegates from around the world this week for the first ever World Humanitarian Summit. While doesn't provide humanitarian aid, we're increasingly concerned with just how hard climate change is biting, and committed to supporting people-oriented responses to the impacts of climate change.
As the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit closed yesterday, many important commitments were made, but none as important as the agreement to place women and women's empowerment at the centerpiece of the international response to humanitarian crises.
Leaving Istanbul, with the inaugural World Humanitarian Summit now behind us, I remain optimistic in humanity's shared future. But impact cannot be measured by what was said in Istanbul; it is what we do next that matters.
We desperately need the global community to assist us to adapt to the greatest humanitarian challenge we have ever faced: the threat to our very existence brought about by the extreme weather events and rising sea levels caused by climate change.
Heads of state from some of the world's richest and most powerful countries were nowhere to be seen.
Despite the lack of support and financing in the last six years, local organizations have been highly resourceful in raising
Figures show "we are on the right track, but we are not still on the fast track."
Before reading further, pause and take a moment to recall your childhood hopes and dreams.
War is difficult for everyone, but one of the often untold stories of many conflicts is the profound isolation, abandonment, and neglect faced by people with disabilities in conflicts around the world.
Having heard from some of the leading minds in the spheres of aid and global development, one of the topics at the forefront of many of the conversations taking place in Istanbul is education.
I want to see this week's events result in a new resolve, underpinned by concrete measures, to nurture local capacity as a means to more effective humanitarian interventions and as an end in itself.
ISTANBUL -- The Syrian refugee crisis has exposed the hypocrisy of a world that promises universal rights and then does little to guarantee them. Today, despite headline-grabbing pledging conferences, the majority of Syria's 6 million impacted and displaced children still go without a basic education.