Zackary Drucker

Transgender performance artist Zackary Drucker shares her favorite films.
Photos of Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst chronicle the small ways couples connect.
Sandy Stone and Kate Bornstein were together talking at Trans Pride L.A. this weekend; I was there whenever they were in the same room answering and asking questions. The last room slowly emptied of people; I gave Sandy a huge hug and thanked her, and then sat to wait for Kate with my beloved trans friend Kevin.
Amos Mac in collaboration with Juliana Huxtable, "Making fun of Mapplethorpe", 2013 Coyote started off singing in a lesbian
3. Louise Fishman. Born 1939 in Philadelphia, PA. Lives and works in New York, NY. What was the first artwork you remember
Garrison: I also think there's a rawness to 'Mo-Wave that makes it stand out. The energy at last year's festival -- this
The look of my piece was very much inspired by the German Expressionists- particularly "Metropolis". And I love Zaha Hadid's
Rhys Ernst's films are a tactile fusion of art and queer theory with tones of subtle surreality that nudge at gender identity and real life fabulousness.
ZD: It is totally integrated. I felt at some point, maybe five years ago, that my work was about constructing a feminine