Mimi Raad

Image Consultant, MBC Group

Mimi Raad is currently the Image Consultant for Al Arabiya News channel, part of MBC group as well as all the other MBC channels. Not only she guides the anchors to polish their image, but trains as well a team of makeup artists, hairdressers and stylists to cater for their needs and television requirements. Mimi has trained number of major companies’ employees, helping them to finalize a suitable dress code as well as styled many celebrities in the Arab world. She took part in various shows as an Image Consultant and has a weekly fashion segment on Al Arabiya morning show. She’s a blogger and writes features for various media supports. As the founder of the Image department and executive producer at Dubai Media Inc for the past six years, Mimi Raad has played a primary role in the re-launch of DMI’s four channels. Mimi created an innovative department in television environment, where along with a specialized team, trained by her, all DMI’s presenters are relooked and revamped before going on air. Mimi’s responsibilities include conceptualizing every channel’s presenters styles. Meanwhile, Mimi was also producing for the past five years, and still, a very successful soft makeover show, Anti Ajmal.

In 1995, Mimi joined Future Television, a Lebanese broadcasting tv station, where she hosted, created and produced various shows. In 1999, she headed the creative team who launched a youth television, Zein TV, a sister channel to Future TV.

Mimi was born in Lebanon. She graduated with a master in Journalism from CFPJ and IFP, and currently is living in Dubai.

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