American Horror Story

Roberts' kiss-and-tell about "American Horror Story: Delicate Part Two" livened up "The Tonight Show."
The "Pose" star said she lost out on a Marvel opportunity while waiting for Murphy to move forward with a season of "AHS" with an all-Black female cast.
The reality TV mainstay stars in the latest season of the horror anthology series called “Delicate.”
Transgender actor Angelica Ross said Roberts played “mind games” and made transphobic jokes while filming “American Horror Story: 1984.”
“Excuse me, excuse me, Kim,” LuPone said. “You know, what are you doing with your life? Don’t get on the stage, Mrs. Worthington.”
The reality star and fashion icon will appear on the horror anthology series in a role written specifically for her, co-creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed.
The first half of Season 10 follows Finn Wittrock as an author who relocates to Cape Cod and finds unexpected inspiration in his creepy new neighbors.
The actor now wishes she'd asked "AHS" co-creator Ryan Murphy to sit out the poorly reviewed season, which left her "so underwhelmed."
In an emotional Facebook post, the Fleetwood Mac chanteuse deemed the coronavirus "a real American Horror Story" and urged fans to wear masks.
Just enough time to (maybe) bring Jessica Lange back to the series.