Billy Eichner

Eichner co-wrote the "Bros" screenplay and stars in what’s marketed as the first gay rom-com from a major Hollywood studio.
Eichner, who wrote and stars in "Bros," took Rudd on a mad dash through New York City to yell at strangers about the Judd Apatow-produced comedy.
The actor drew ire on social media this week after emphasizing that his new comedy "Bros" wasn't "one of a million Netflix shows" in a Variety interview.
"We are not letting them drag us back into the last century," Eichner declared Sunday, in remarks that doubled as promotion for his new movie.
Eichner's hotly anticipated, gay-inclusive romantic comedy is the first to feature an all-LGBTQ cast playing every major role.
The "Billy on the Street" host acknowledged the significance of the moment with a nod to his father: "Nothing would’ve made him happier than this."
The cast, which now includes “Drag Race” star Symone and "Scandal" alum Guillermo Díaz, will play the principal queer and heterosexual roles in the film.
Luke Macfarlane is joining the cast of "Bros," which is being billed as the first rom-com about gay men to be produced by a major studio. It's due out in 2022.
Celebrities tried to help the "Billy on the Street" comedian solve the bizarre mystery.
The "Billy on the Street" comedian congratulated Underwood with a throwback clip of his prediction.