Danny Masterson

A&E's "Scientology and the Aftermath" is ending after three seasons, but Leah Remini isn't giving up the fight.
The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles accuses the actor and organization of stalking, intimidation and conspiracy stemming from rape allegations against the actor.
The news comes a month after Netflix fired him from "The Ranch."
"I stayed quiet long enough," Bobette Riales said.
Andy Yeatman told one of Masterson's alleged victims that nothing was being done because the four women weren't believed.
Netflix fired actor Danny Masterson after four women accused him of rape and a HuffPost report revealed a Netflix executive told one of Masterson’s accusers that the company did not believe the allegations.
Police are investigating four women's claims that "The Ranch" star Danny Masterson raped them in the early 2000s.
Netflix says it's "aware" of the investigation and "will respond if developments occur."
Four women have accused the "That '70s Show" star of raping them in the early 2000s. At least three of them were fellow Scientologists.