Cristina Cuomo Shares Worst Frustration Now That She And Chris Have Coronavirus

The Purist website founder and her husband, CNN host Chris Cuomo, are now both isolated from their three children.

Cristina Cuomo spoke publicly Thursday about how her coronavirus diagnosis is affecting her family now that she and her husband, CNN host Chris Cuomo, are both infected.

“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice. Covid-19 got me,” Cristina, who founded the wellness website Purist, wrote on Instagram Thursday. Her husband, who has been battling his own coronavirus infection and has been chronicling it on CNN since the end of March, announced a day earlier during an at-home broadcast of his show that his worst concerns had come true: His wife had tested positive.

Cristina said she first started noticing symptoms that seemed like a “sinus-related infection,” but her biggest concern right now is her and her husband being isolated from their children.

“But the only frustrating part is I can’t be there for my kids right now in the way they need me as Chris is in isolation too still,” she said.

She said their three children, Bella, 17; Mario, 14; and Carolina, 11, had “grown up overnight.”

“Bella, our 17-year-old daughter, stepped up cleaning, doing laundry, cooking for her siblings and getting them situated with google classroom, and caregiving her mother and father,” the mom of three wrote. “Mario, her assistant.”

“I can’t wait to wrap my arms around them again.”

On Wednesday, Chris Cuomo said his wife’s infection “breaks my heart.”

“It is the one thing I was hoping wouldn’t happen, and now it has,” he said, but noted that it was rare for a family with one member who tested positive not to infect another.

Before testing positive herself, Cristina Cuomo had written Instagram updates about her husband’s fight against the virus on Instagram.

Just a day before her own COVID-19 diagnosis was announced, she said that Chris had just reached “day 18 of a very slow, skittish recovery” and was still experiencing intermittent fevers and lightheadedness but had, at least, “turned the corner away from his severe symptoms and the potential danger of pneumonia.”

Chris Cuomo has shared almost daily updates about his condition, and on Thursday, Cristina urged her followers to pool their own anecdotes about their recovery, too, in an effort to reduce fears for those fighting the virus.

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