House Democrat Flips The Script On Fox News Host Attacking Kamala Harris

Rep. Jared Moskowitz of Florida repeatedly brought up another element of the poll cited by Fox News host Lawrence B. Jones.

Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Fla.) came prepared for his interview on Fox News.

On the conservative network’s “Fox News Tonight” with guest host Lawrence B. Jones on Tuesday, the Florida lawmaker was asked to weigh in on Vice President Kamala Harris’ performance in light of new polling from NBC News. Harris received the lowest net favorability rating for a vice president in the history of the poll.

When Moskowitz listed reasons he felt the Biden administration had done a good job, Jones interrupted to ask: “So you disagree with the American people?”

As Moskowitz pointed out, the poll also showed President Joe Biden with a 49% to 45% lead over Donald Trump, the current favorite for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

“In that very same poll that you reference, it shows that Joe Biden is beating Donald Trump by 4 points,” Moskowitz replied.

After pushback from Jones, Moskowitz added: “In a head-to-head matchup with the leading Republican contender right now, in that very same poll, Joe Biden’s winning by 4 points. That is the American people weighing in on the job that the Biden administration is doing.”

Harris, the first woman, Black person and Asian American to serve as vice president, is a favorite target on Fox News, routinely attracting misogyny and racism.

Greg Gutfeld, for example, said on “The Five” Tuesday that Harris was the “worst VP in history” because she was a Black woman.

That “got her in. But that didn’t promise any competence,” Gutfeld said. “All she had to do was tick those boxes.”

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