20 Gifts For The Person Who Loves Candles

The candle lover in your life + one of these gifts = a match.

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The last thing candle lovers need is another candle. Instead, here are some fun candle accessories that make great gifts.
The last thing candle lovers need is another candle. Instead, here are some fun candle accessories that make great gifts.

Can you smell that? Someone, somewhere, is burning a candle right now. There are tons of us lighting up these days to deal with, well, everything that’s happening this year.

Maybe you’re into the trendy scents of Otherland and Boy Smells. Possibly, you might prefer the always-popular candles of Diptyque and Byredo (there’s one with the whiff of a library!). Or you could like lighting up scents of “Cancelled Plans” and something that “Smells Like This Could Have Been an Email.”

Since there are so many of us lighting up to help with burn out, chances are the candle lover in your life has stocked up on a lot of different scents — and probably doesn’t need yet another candle to add to their collection.

That might make shopping for gifts that they’ll actually appreciate much, much harder. After all, what can you give someone who loves candles that isn’t a candle?

Turns out, there are plenty of gifts out there for the candle lover that aren’t just another candle. We don’t want to fan the flames, but they might actually be better than some of the candles that they haven’t burned yet.

From a set of matches that remind you to “chill the f out” to a ceramic diffuser that’s taken over the internet, you’ll find 20 gifts for candle lovers below.

Take a look:

A set of matches for the friend who needs to chill out
Urban Outfitters
Sometimes, you just need to chill the F out. And this matchbox, which holds 75 matches, is a reminder of just that. Find it for $6 at Urban Outfitters.
A candle warmer that'll wax away worries
The gilded base on this candle warmer makes it look much more modern than your run-of-the-mill wax melter. It can melt candles and warm up wax melts to give you the scent of a candle without the flame. This set includes a warming base, warming dish and two wax melts. Find it for $20 at QVC.
A candle of the month subscription so they try out new scents
Brooklyn Candle Studio
Sometimes, you've got to switch things up. Let them try out new scents with a candle of the month subscription that'll send them a full-sized seasonal candle, travel candle and matchbox. It's perfect for your mom or partner who loves candles. Check out subscriptions at Brooklyn Candle Studio.
The gift of a toasty fire that's just for them
If it's fire that they crave, give them the gift of fire with a personal fireplace that'll keep them warm. The appeal of candles is always in the ambience, so this mini fireplace will keep things light and bright. It's made from concrete. (Just be careful, of course!). Find it for $95 at Food52.
A mug that really speaks to our times
StudioSeventeenShop / Etsy
Now really isn't the time to get "lit" as the youths say, so you might want to spend the weekend in a much more chilled out way. For the candle lover, that might mean lighting up all their candles. Find it for $14 on Etsy.
A DIY candle kit that's easy to follow
If the candle lover in your life has a lots of empty candle containers just hanging around, they could put them to use with this DIY candle kit. The kit can make a 10-ounce candle that can burn for 60 hours. Choose between scents of cardamom, bergamot and peony. Find it for $22 at Nordstrom.
A wick trimmer to keep wax in tip-top shade
Why use a wick trimmer? Glad you asked. This little number helps remove the "bloom" from the last time you burned a candle and reduce the release of soot. That way, your candle can last longer and burn a little more safely. Find it for $18 at Anthropologie.
A centerpiece that's ideal for those into industrial decor
If they like the industrial interior design look, this centerpiece will be right up their alley. It fits five candles or mason jars. Just place it on a mantle or a tabletop so it can stand out. Decorate it with holiday garland and bows for a festive feeling. Find it for $50 at QVC.
A diffuser that's less of a fire hazard
This isn't just any diffuser, it's the Vitruvi diffuser that's taken over the internet. It's made of a matte ceramic and looks just like a vase. Find it for $119 at Vitruvi.
A set of LED candles you should make a beeline for
These LED candles will be the perfect present for the forgetful friend since they won't have to worry about putting out the flames. The two candles are battery-operated and actually flick light, making them look real. And bee patterns are having a bit of a moment right now, too. Find it for $22 at QVC.
A two-for-one candle with a twist
This candle is described as a "double-ended candle." It has a 10-hour burn time. But, honestly, this candle looks so cool that they won't want to burn it. Find it for $40 at Ban.do. You can also find it in orange.
The chicest lighter we've ever seen
This minimalist lighter can light candles and just about anything else. We especially love the gold color, which will catch the light quite nicely. Find it for $30 at Catbird.
A display for all their fancy fire sticks
Urban Outfitters
We mean matches, not those fire sticks. This crystal clear cloche (it's actually made from glass) comes with matches, a cork stopper to keep them all in and built-in strike. Fire away. Find it for $32 at Urban Outfitters.
A perfume sampler set to figure out their own scent
This box has seven fragrances to try out from brands like Giorgio Armani and Chloé. You won't have to worry about wrapping since this box already is covered in gold foil. There's a perfume certificate inside for your friend to redeem a full-size of their favorite, too. Find it for $68 at Sephora.
A quaint candle holder for the person who got really into cottagecore
In the past few months, cottagecore really took over. For the person who's grown their own garden, started their own sourdough starters and got into gingham, this bird candle holder (the birds are outside of the cage!) will fit right into their farmhouse look. Find it for $35 at QVC.
An incense holder that features little critters
For their incense sticks, you can get them an incense holders that's sure to — ahem — ignite some excitement. Luckily, these little critters won't move around. Hop to it. Find it for $34 at Anthropologie.
A set of candle toppers that'll diffuse anything
Huffington Post
They won't have to worry about blowing out their candles with this set of candle toppers. These cute covers come in the shape of an acorn, apple and pumpkin. It's the ideal gift for those who want fall vibes year round. Find the set for $31 at QVC.
A candle snuffer to avoid fanning the flames
It's the fanciest way to extinguish your candles. From French candle brand Diptyque, this can make sure any flames are put out before bed. Find it for $40 at Nordstrom.
A vintage-inspired matchbox that doubles as a trinket tray
Keep them organized with these matchboxes that can also hold everything from paper clips to cotton swabs and small jewelry. It's made from a high-fire porcelain and each one has a little variation, making them one-of-a-kind. Find it for $64 at Anthropologie.
A floral fragrance jar that doesn't need to be lit
They'll forget all about their candles with this fragrance jar around. It comes with dried botanicals and fragranced wooden beads with scents like tangerine and raspberry leaves. And it looks really pretty, too. Find it starting for $30 at Anthropologie.

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