Sean Hannity Calls Green New Deal A 'Serious Threat To Our Way Of Life'

The Fox News host said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's climate-change resolution was a "horrific, frightening frankly, piece of legislation."

Sean Hannity stoked fear Thursday over Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proposed Green New Deal.

“This is a real, serious threat to our way of life,” the Fox News host said on “Hannity.”

A joint resolution introduced earlier in the day by Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) features a decade-long push to combat climate change. It called for building “smart grids” and increasing solar and wind power to as close to 100 percent of America’s energy reliance as possible. The plan includes upgrades to infrastructure.

Donald Trump Jr., President Donald Trump’s son, invited social media backlash by dismissing the proposal as “socialism.”

Hannity reacted in a similar vein, introducing the news item thusly: “While some of you may be quick to think, oh, this is ridiculous. This could never happen here in the United States of America. Well, history is riddled with the roadkill and the misery and of many versions of socialism, almost always ending the same way: false promises, broken promises, failure, poverty, misery among the people.”

Hannity called the plan a “horrific, frightening frankly, piece of legislation.”

“Now everything we’ve been saying about the new radical, extreme Democratic Party, what they were hiding in 2018, now it’s all in writing,” he said in the clip posted by Media Matters, above. “And it might be even worse than we thought ... Ocasio-Cortez and others put forth one of the most dangerous, impractical, misguided, economically guaranteed-to-be-devastating plans ever championed by any American politician.”

Watch the commentary above.

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