'The Daily Show’ Welcomes Ted Cruz Back From Cancun With Timely Supercut

The Comedy Central show is hitting Cruz control.

Internet, calm down. Sen. Ted Cruz just had to fly his daughters to Mexico, like, super quick, but now he’s back and ready to get down to business.

The recent news of the Texas Republican whisking family members away to Cancun while millions in his state are facing a winter disaster (and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic) has drawn the scorn of the internet. (A statement in which he claimed he took the trip to be a “good dad” didn’t help much either.)

Thankfully, “The Daily Show” gets it.

On Thursday, Trevor Noah’s Comedy Central show welcomed Cruz back from his trip the best way it could: a timely Fox News supercut of the senator bashing various Democratic politicians for taking time off.

Among others, the video includes Cruz criticizing former President Barack Obama for not being focused on “people who are hurting” and talking about working “till we get the job done.”

The whole video is pretty Fox’d up. And “The Daily Show” tweeted it out so quickly, perhaps Cruz could’ve even enjoyed it as the return trip’s in-flight entertainment.

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