The 9 Finds Our Shopping Editors Were Obsessed With In October

This month, we're all about razor subscription to help with hairy situations, a supportive bra for when a bralette just won't do and facialist-recommended vitamin C serum.

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These are the useful, practical and sometimes splurgy finds that our shopping editors would recommend this month.
These are the useful, practical and sometimes splurgy finds that our shopping editors would recommend this month.

Welcome to “Would Recommend” — a collection of our shopping editors’ favorite finds on the internet, brought to you by HuffPost Finds.

This October was definitely one of those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it months — and it’s been especially busy for our shopping editors, who spent tons of time looking for deals pre-, post- and during Amazon’s Prime Day.

But we couldn’t forget that October also marked the official start of spooky season. We’ve been getting into the spirit by finding the most popular horror books of the year, pet costumes that feel frightful and Halloween decor that’s tasteful and not tacky.

Our shopping editors are also prepping for the cold to come. This month, we shared with readers our favorite places to find sweaters, rounded up reusable hand warmers for when you don’t have gloves and looked for outdoor heaters for backyard bonfires.

Through it all, we did what we do best: shop, shop, shop. That’s why we brought back our “Would Recommend” series, where we tell you about our favorite finds of the month and why we recommend them.

For October, our editors we obsessed with a razor subscription to help with hairy situations, a supportive bra for when a bralette just won’t do and facialist-recommended vitamin C serum.

Before we go on, be sure to check out what we couldn’t get enough of in September and August. Then check back next month to see what we’ll be recommending in November.

Below, check out what we would recommend this month:

A sweater so great that I bought it three times
It's sweater weather and I've been trying to stock up on sweaters way before the first frost falls. Among my favorites this month are this flower-printed sweater from Anthropologie and this pearl dot sweater from & Other Stories. But my absolutely top pick has to go to this pearl-edged sweater from ASOS. It's perfectly loose but still skims your shape, and the fabric and pearls at the collar aren't itchy or irritating. I loved it so much that I bought it in black and auburn at Nordstrom. It's really that good. You can shop for it in tall and plus sizes, too. — Ambar Pardilla, Commerce Writer

Find it for $59 at ASOS.
Custom-mixed shampoo and conditioner
My hair has endured a lot through the years — going from a bottle brunette to platinum blonde, and everything in between. My damaged and dull locks needed a change, which is why I decided to check out Prose hair care, where you can get a shampoo, conditioner and pre-shampoo mask custom mixed for your unique hair concerns.You start by taking an extremely thorough online questionnaire that asks things like how often you use heated hair tools and your age. Prose's mixologists even take into account the weather and humidity where you live when whipping up your custom creations. I received a formula for dry, damaged hair that would enhance the volume and slight natural waves of my locks. They even added a touch of purple tint to the conditioner to neutralize brassy undertones. I selected the "Botanica" scent that smells like eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary, and so far, I'm obsessed with my Prose formula. My hair is as soft daily as it usually is only when I get a fresh haircut and professional blow-out. My strands feel stronger and look shinier, and my hair air dries naturally with a ton of volume and curl — a sentence I never thought I'd say. I don't know that I'll ever be able to go back to drugstore shampoo ever again. — Brittany Nims, Head Of HuffPost Finds

Learn more about Prose and get your own custom formula.
A creamy matte lipstick that's clean and vegan
Bite Beauty
I love wearing lipstick, but my lips are super sensitive and will experience irritation from certain lip products. And like many people, I love the look and staying power of a matte lipstick but hate the drying effects — until now. I tried Bite Beauty’s Power Move Creamy Matte Lip Crayon and loved it so much that I ordered three. It’s made with clean, vegan and nutrient-rich ingredients so it’s good for your lips, without compromising on color. The Power Move Creamy Matte Lip Crayons have a soft application but a matte finish. The pointed tip makes it perfect for lining lips and then filling in the rest with the retractable base. It come in a wide range of vibrant, buildable colors and I am personally loving the Leche (a light pink), Calvados (a dusty rose, brown) and Negroni (a deep red). — Danielle Gonzalez, Associate Commerce Editor

Find it for $25 at Bite Beauty.
A jewelry organizer that's covered in crystals
Urban Outfitters
I've stored all the necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings I own all over the place since I was a teen — a box here, a ring holder there, on a hook somewhere. But lately, I've really wanted to get it together and make sure I can find what I'm looking for without making a mess. Unfortunately, jewelry storage isn't exactly known for being cheap — this set of drawers that caught my eye won't fit even half of my jewelry and goes for $160. So I have been trying to search for storage that fits a lot but is still affordable. This jewelry organizer even looks like a piece of jewelry itself, covered in crystals. The best part? It can hold a ton, with double-sided crystal hooks on top for all your necklaces. It doesn't fit everything, but it helps make sure my necklaces don't get all tangled up. There's also a small mirrored shelf at the bottom for earrings and rings. — Pardilla

Find it for $39 at Urban Outfitters.
Comfortable boots for cold, rainy weather
I bought my first pair of Dr. Martens (black Oxfords with embroidered roses!) last year, and quickly found a way to work them into my weekly wardrobe. They're comfortable, waterproof and heavy-duty, which is why I knew I wanted a boot-style Dr. Marten that would cover my ankle for colder weather. I bought these Dr. Martens 2976 Chelsea boots on Prime Day, even though they weren't on sale. They were exactly what I was looking for, so I figured why wait? — Nims

Find them for $150 at DSW.
A razor to help with hairy situations
I was previously using a Flamingo razor, which I loved (it was a better shave than any Venus or drugstore razor I’ve used and the refills were actually affordable). However, the company doesn't offer a subscription model and between Lola and Quip, I’ve gotten pretty used to my bathroom toiletries refilling themselves. I decided to give Billie a try. It’s as good as they say. The handle fits comfortably in my hand and the razor head glides across my legs and knees. The magnetic holder is the best — so many of my other razors end up falling out of nowhere, but this one stays put. You can sign up for a set of four razor blade refills every one, two or three months, depending on how often you shave, for just $9. I also really like that the shaving cream (it looks like marshmallow fluff) is in a plastic squeeze bottle rather than an spray can because it avoids rust stains in the shower. - Gonzalez

Check out Billie's subscription plans.
A pair of earrings to lend your ears a hand
& Other Stories
Don't ask me why, but hand jewelry seems to be everywhere nowadays — I've seen hand hoop earrings, a handshake choker (I actually own this already), a hugging hand ring. There are even hand jewelry holders at places like Catbird and Urban Outfitters. But I can't complain — I think it's a genuinely cool trend, and I'm not usually on board with too many trends in general. I spotted this pair of mismatched earrings and just had to have them. They're surprisingly not heavy at all and are sure to make a statement, even if virtually. — Pardilla

Find them for $39 at & Other Stories.
A facialist-recommended Vitamin C serum
During the last facial I had before the pandemic took off in the U.S., my Heyday facialist recommended Ursa Major's Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum to perk up my chronically dull skin and dark undereyes. I bought some on sale during Prime Day and was immediately impressed with the results. It goes on smooth but dries matte (a game changer for me and serums!) and it smells heavenly — like a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice with a hint of rose. I noticed small bumps disappearing and the texture of my skin improving within about a week. Best of all, this serum can be used under your favorite moisturizer or solo, which is how I prefer to use it. — Nims

Find it for $54 at Ulta.
A supportive bra for when a bralette just won't do
Lots of have been bralettes or bust in recent months, and I've been trying to find comfortable bralettes that are still supportive for when I'm off the clock. The best ones I've bought are actually from T.J.Maxx and have pretty lace all around. But I feel weird not wearing a bra to get through the workday, so I've been looking for ones that feel like bralettes while giving me a bit of a boost. This bra does just that, featuring supportive underwire, an illusion neckline and thick side straps. I don't even feel like I'm wearing anything when I put it on — the mark of a truly great bra. I'm not necessarily on to spend too much on bras, and this one is pretty affordable at $20. — Pardilla

Find it starting at $20 at Amazon.

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