Charles Ramsey

"Nothing he did was right," said Philadelphia's police chief.
Davis said that his office had already connected law enforcement officials in Missouri with outside police chiefs experienced
As America becomes a country plagued by community violence, mass shootings, school shootings and missing children, we must also become a country of nosy neighbors. Vigilance works. It's really up to us.
"We don’t normally confirm on-going investigations,” said Williams in a statement released after a midday press conference
2013 was quieter than usual on the blog, but not when it came to stories about race and relationships in the 21st century. Here are the interracial moments that caught my eye (and side-eye) the year.
KPTV - FOX 12 "'Look at me,' I told him, 'I'm still living,'" she said in an interview with WSB-TV afterward. "He then started
The failure to record entire interrogations left police officers open to allegations of abuse, and over the years has led some Philly judges to toss out confessions and other juries to acquit potentially guilty defendants when defendants have claimed they were coerced.
But he has accepted private donations from people showing their appreciation for his role in the kidnap victims' rescue, according
Charles Ramsey, who saved three kidnapped girls, speaks out against the Daily Mail.
The Mail reports that Ramsey was "shamed" out of his former home next to alleged kidnapper Ariel Castro by his neighbors