George Papadopoulos

George Papadopoulos and Alex van der Zwaan, figures in the Mueller probe, as well as former Reps. Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins, were granted clemency.
The former Trump campaign aide told Fox News that he's "here to promote the 'America First' agenda."
The former Trump campaign aide served two weeks in prison for lying to the FBI.
"Quite frankly, I was treated excellent," the former Trump campaign aide said.
The first person sent to prison in the Russia investigation is out.
The lies to the FBI and Congress are unraveling bit by bit in criminal cases brought by Robert Mueller.
Papadopoulos, who plead guilty to lying to the FBI in the Russia investigation, will begin serving his two-week sentence on Monday.
A federal judge ruled Papadopoulos must surrender Monday to serve his two-week prison term in connection with the Mueller probe.
Democrats say they were blindsided by news of the interview requests.
The former Trump aide had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about when he was told the Russians had "dirt" on Hillary Clinton.