Serial Killers

Joe Goldberg has a new home, name and love interest. But he still can't hide from his serial killer past.
Little has confessed to strangling 93 women. The FBI has verified at least 50 of the claims and believes all of Little's confessions are "credible."
A "violent predator" appears to be targeting sex workers, police Chief James Craig said.
The killing of Chynal Lindsey, 26, is at least the fourth unsolved slaying involving transgender women of color in the Texas city.
Accused serial killer Michael Gargiulo has been charged with murdering the actor's then-girlfriend, Ashley Ellerin, in 2001.
We delved into the minds of women who love killers and learned that their reasons may be more logical than you might think.
What is it about serial killers that fascinate huge swaths of women? And what causes certain women to take their obsession too far and actually fall in love?
The FBI has released 16 portraits of confessed serial killer Samuel Little’s alleged victims, all of which were hand-drawn by Little from memory.
We’ve been fed a line that serial killers are evil geniuses whose misdeeds warrant a near-obsessive degree of analysis. The reality is far simpler.
“We know so much about this guy, and we know so little about the victims,” Billy Jensen said in response to resurgent interest in the serial killer.
The streaming service reminded viewers there are "THOUSANDS of hot men" on its platform who haven't actually killed people.
The women Samuel Little is accused of killing were "marginalized and vulnerable." That may be why he stayed free for so long.
Regis Brown, who's already serving a life sentence, has allegedly confessed to committing multiple homicides going back 30 years.
This is the third time the comedian's star has been defaced.
Likenesses may help officials identify remains.
Rodriguez is suspected of killing at least three people in four days.
Jenn Carson was 9 years old when her father was arrested for murder. She has since realized that she doesn’t need to atone for her father’s sins.
Joseph James DeAngelo has now been charged in a dozen homicides.
Michigan cops say Arthur Ream bragged "about murdering four to six people."
"We could finally have answers to one of the greatest whodunits of all time," a criminologist said.