Robert Baldwin promoted his miracle liquid as a cure for malaria, HIV/AIDS, cancer and many other sicknesses. It was actually industrial-grade bleach, a report claims.
The suspects allegedly demanded $500,000 after taking the woman and her driver hostage inside Queen Elizabeth National Park.
Survivors described moments of heavy drinking and raucous fun before the vessel, slammed by powerful waves, tilted and sank.
The couple sat down with President Yoweri Museveni to discuss promoting the country's tourism and arts.
A video shows the man striking out, using a racial slur and telling the staff they have to obey him.
Jessica Nabongo has traveled to 125 countries, and she's experienced the most racism in her home country, the U.S.
“A refugee camp is a hotbed for disease."
Early cases of the virus were different from those today.
At least 3,000 children have a baffling seizure disorder. For many, it's a reminder of the years of brutal unrest.
Thousands of kids have nodding syndrome. No one's sure how they got it, or how to cure them.
By 23, Amanda Banura of Uganda has overcome more than many people do in a lifetime. At a young age, Amanda was raped by her
The conflict has created Africa’s biggest refugee crisis since the 1994 Rwandan genocide.
More than 1.4 million South Sudanese people have been forced to flee across borders in the last year.
In the Central African Republic, the women of Obo are considering leaving their homes when Ugandan and U.S. troops abandon
Despite ‘unprecedented progress’ further gains depend on water and sanitation, says the World Health Organization 87-year
In Uganda’s massive Bidibidi camp, which is home to more than 272,000 South Sudanese refugees, aid workers are trying to