apple pie

From Jonagold to Macintosh, find out which varieties make specific types of apple pie their most delicious.
Just another example of how immigrant cultures created what's all-American today.
The apple itself was an immigrant too, one of the earliest to this country. From Kazakhstan in 328 B.C. to Macedonia with Alexander the Great, on to Rome and with the Romans then all the way up North, to England where it got its name.
Ever since I started hosting Thanksgiving dinner ten years ago, I have been on a quest to make the perfect Thanksgiving turkey
Its very quick and easy, with just a few basic ingredients which you should have in the cupboard!
Remove from oven and cool on a wire rack for a couple of hours. To prevent the apple juices from softening the bottom crust
Happy International Pi Day to all the math-lovers out there celebrating! And Happy Pie Day to the rest of us who are just using it as an excuse to eat all kinds of pie.
The miracles of the universe are manifested in everything around us. Illumination comes when we pause in gratitude, in stillness, our eyes opening in appreciation for these most wondrous creations, big and little, like babies and apple pie.
Looking for the perfect healthy snack to get your energized throughout the day? Look no further!
But since my cravings wouldn't subside, I resolved to create out my own Paleo-friendly pie. After some thought, I decided
The good news is that there are always alternatives, and I love coming up with a healthy solution to a food problem. I baked this apple with its own pulp, chopped pecans, and pumpkin spice. It was so easy I probably don't even need to give you directions but I will anyway!
Since now you're craving something sweet, and it is summer time and all, here are a few of my favorite no-bake desserts.
So, apple pie as the quintessential American product may be an apt metaphor after all -- it was brought here from foreign shores, was influenced by other cultures and immigration patterns, and spread throughout the world by global affairs.
Whether you're making your first apple pie or your 50th, these cute little mini pies are perfect.