David Harbour

The comedian was noticeably absent from the season's opening episodes.
"Saturday Night Live" host David Harbour plays Oscar, a grumpy garbage man who's disillusioned with Sesame Street's crime and darkness.
The "Stranger Things" star took matters into his own hands on "Late Night with Seth Meyers."
The "Westworld" actress and domestic abuse survivor criticized the fictional police chief and started a charged dialogue.
David Harbour’s character goes full “Magnum, P.I.” with his tropical ’80s hot dad ensemble, a look fans are calling "weirdly sexy."
Celebrities read weird messages from their moms on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and the reality star may have some explaining to do.
The "Stranger Things" actor packs a punch line in the first preview.
The "Stranger Things" star is set to join Greenpeace dancing with penguins in the Antarctic.
The "Stranger Things" star's career could soon take a ceremonial turn.
"Well this is certainly something I didn't think would actually happen!"
David Harbour's snap was an early gift for photo-editing Redditors.