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A year ago, Wen-Jay Ying was feeling depressed. Her for-profit CSA business, Local Roots NYC, was four years old and looking around the industry, it seemed like there were suddenly many similar businesses who were in talks with investors, getting huge boosts of capital or moving into big warehouses and new markets, creating massive scale. The kind of scale that could have the potential to change, or "disrupt," our entire food system. Ying had never started her business with that kind of scale in mind.
All things considered, it could the "McSolution" that the meat eating world has been searching for. All puns intended. Step
Food is reaching new heights -- literally. The vertical farming movement is bringing agriculture to the tops of skyscraper greenhouses, and NASA is taking it up into space.
2) Are the ingredients organic? Take a look at the label to ensure the USDA Organic Seal is present. That seal is also your
Is it possible to get to this state of kitchen automation before the 24th century?
Hardwired 2.0 is here! Join me for a second season profiling some of the hottest tech trends across the nation. This season I am going beyond wearable technology and showcasing a huge range of new gadgets: everything from beauty tech to 3D printing!
The world requires profound and urgent changes in energy and education and food and healthcare. And whether chicken eggs or cars or cookies, it requires all of us to toss stale, incremental thinking back on the shelf.
Dear Silicon Valley Foodists: I double dare you!
We deserve better. Our stories about food, whether stories of apathy or empathy, are being written with every meal. Let's
Opportunities abound for startups to play a pivotal role in expanding education and information around healthy eating, improving access to quality food, and minimizing the inconveniences of selecting, preparing, ordering, delivering, and picking-up.
There were many contenders for this year's prize for stupidest diet. The desire to shed weight seems to breed an endless stream of particularly magical claims, supernatural devices and silly, dangerous plans.
As both a consumer and a food scholar, I am very interested in how how people eat. You can imagine I was very intrigued when I saw that the History Channel 2 had dedicated an episode ofModern Marvels to supersized food.
Food labeling and transparency should be a fundamental, mandated practice employed across every food category, even those with the most complex supply chains.
What happens in Las Vegas may stay in Las Vegas, but what is sprayed on industrial farms does not necessarily stay on those industrial farms.