Greg Craig

Trump's former campaign chair had a lot of help with his Ukraine lobbying work — and he has agreed to testify anywhere.
They transferred 201 detainees, but the president didn't keep his promise to shut down Guantanamo.
Civil rights advocates in 2009 had braced for the justices to overturn the law's chief component. The vast majority of journalists
It was Clinton, after all, who put Kennedy at the center of the TV ad introducing himself to the nation as a presidential
"Senator Sessions, I honestly don't know what that label means. I've worked in two Democratic administrations... you can
Goldman's connections to the White House and the Obama administration are raising eyebrows at a time when Washington and
Goldman Sachs is launching an aggressive response to its political and legal challenges with an unlikely ally at its side
"It's a shame, though, from my standpoint, because it makes no sense to try these people, who are the most important terrorists
The House Armed Services Committee turned down the Obama's administration's request for some $350 million intended to close Guantánamo and buy a new prison in Illinois.