In Memoriam

The actor, who played Fez on the hit show, died on July 31 at his family's home in Oakland, California.
The 32-year-old South African model and actor, Charlbi Dean, died suddenly after a short illness in August.
"I love you to infinity and beyond," wrote Connie Boss Alexander.
The Migos rapper honored his slain nephew with a beautiful rendition of "See You Again" and "Without You."
Wolfgang Van Halen wrote in an emotional post on Instagram that his dad wasn't even mentioned "when they talked about artists we lost."
The former “Riverdale” and “Beverly Hills, 90210” star was one of a few notable omissions.
The late night host blasted the mistake in Fox's low-rated airing of the awards ceremony.
Carol Channing, Stanley Donen and Sondra Locke were among those overlooked.