Johnny Manziel

Unless you're old enough to join AARP, you probably don't know that the Cleveland Browns used to be a great football franchise, just as the GOP used to be a dominant political party.
It's now up to Manziel to accept the help the league is offering.
One of Johnny Manziel's lawyers just experienced one of a lawyer's worst nightmares. He attempted to send a confidential text message to another member of Manziel's legal team, but sent the message to the Associated Press by mistake.
It's not all hot dogs and soda pop -- or hadn't you noticed?
After coming into the 2014 NFL draft as the 22nd overall draft pick, he started off well. His publicity was positive as he
The former Cleveland Browns quarterback was released on bond.
Johnny Manziel is a classic example of what happens when a person prioritizes their social life over their professional life. He had a golden opportunity, but he blew it because he couldn't stop partying, and the party scene eventually consumed him.
The embattled football player is accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend.
At just 23-years-old, Manziel has managed to destroy his reputation far and wide, losing two agents this year already. He