Johnny Manziel

Unless you're old enough to join AARP, you probably don't know that the Cleveland Browns used to be a great football franchise, just as the GOP used to be a dominant political party.
It's now up to Manziel to accept the help the league is offering.
One of Johnny Manziel's lawyers just experienced one of a lawyer's worst nightmares. He attempted to send a confidential text message to another member of Manziel's legal team, but sent the message to the Associated Press by mistake.
It's not all hot dogs and soda pop -- or hadn't you noticed?
If Johnny Manziel is to ever have a career in the NFL again, he has to clean up his act and be able to enjoy a club scene
The former Cleveland Browns quarterback was released on bond.
Johnny Manziel is a classic example of what happens when a person prioritizes their social life over their professional life. He had a golden opportunity, but he blew it because he couldn't stop partying, and the party scene eventually consumed him.
The embattled football player is accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend.
Yep, he's a freaking mess people. From lying about living with Von Miller to his forthcoming grand jury indictment for hitting