H/t Thought Catalog Trust us, the sound totally makes it. Nothing, that's what. Like Twitter user Matt Ufford says, "This
Oscar the llama thinks he's a dog, and we're just fine with that. His trainer taught him to fetch a few years ago. In the
Five French teenagers have been arrested for stealing a circus llama and taking him on a ride throughout the city.
Open-ended? You bet. This week's "Make A Better Commercial Than We Did" Contest winner is a spit-take in the making (watch
In November, college volleyball coach James Finley came forward with allegations of workplace discrimination, claiming he
I looked up, and realized that standing next to me, all four feet of her, was Dora the Explorer herself.
A shaggy, unkempt vagrant is finally in police custody after months of eluding capture for months in Redmond, Ore The vagabond
You've probably seen a hybrid in your time. The mule is a hybrid between the horse and a donkey. Plants and flowers are frequently
A recent Animalfair.com readership study found that 84% of pet parents will give their furry pals gifts this holiday season. Here are a few different ways you can give gifts that make a difference!
For three weeks, a mysterious visitor has been haunting Pikes Peak, buzzing the trains, amusing the tourists and confounding