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"Queering the Script" takes an up-close (and critical) look at how LGBTQ representation on TV can have a generation-defining impact.
Renee O'Connor unearthed her ambitions as a young girl growing up in Texas. Like so many her age, she had grand visions of an international acting career. Yet, unlike so many of her peers, Renee took action in determining her future.
The warrior princess might be getting a comeback. NBC and NBC Universal are apparently following the trend of the remake
Lucy Lawless looks back at “Xena” and weighs in on the show’s violence.
Lucy Lawless describes her fascination with law and why she enjoys spending her free time in court.
But let's back up for a minute. You may be asking, "Are you serious? Why would I want to watch 'Spartacus'? Isn't it pretty
Everyone who has seen Sunday's episode of True Blood "Love is to Die" knows that Ginger scored a major victory this week. The result was one of the series' greatest-ever, and certainly one of its funniest scenes.
TV Guide has learned that the former “Xena: Warrior Princess” star will be joining the TV series in an unspecified role this
The series about Xena, a butt-kicking warlord-turned-hero, and Gabrielle, her best friend/soulmate, lasted for six seasons
The season 5 finale of "Parks and Recreation" left us with some big news: Ron (Nick Offerman) is going to be a dad. And here’s
You can't keep a good warrior princess down -- "Xena" may be coming back with a revival! Twelve years after the series ended
Shell Oil's legal team is currently working overtime to keep the company's Arctic work secret from advocacy groups like Greenpeace. It's a battle that will have implications well beyond the Far North.
Many famous faces, like Leighton Meester and Krysten Ritter, appeared as classmates of Veronica's (Kristen Bell) at Neptune
When an Alaska-bound oil rig docked in the New Zealand port of Taranaki, actor Lucy Lawless and six Greenpeace activists snuck aboard, climbed its 174-foot drilling tower, unfurled bright yellow banners that said "Stop Shell" and "#SaveTheArctic" -- and wouldn't descend.
"Ron & Diane" will also feature the return of Megan Mullally as Tammy 2 and a meeting between Tammy 2 and Diane (Lucy Lawless
"Parks and Recreation" will welcome Ben's parents, played by Jonathan Banks and Glenne Headly, in the November 1 episode