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The actor, who has been outspoken about his conservative Christian views, was called out for his insensitive tweet.
She went full "Warrior Princess" on her former co-star.
"Queering the Script" takes an up-close (and critical) look at how LGBTQ representation on TV can have a generation-defining impact.
Renee O'Connor unearthed her ambitions as a young girl growing up in Texas. Like so many her age, she had grand visions of an international acting career. Yet, unlike so many of her peers, Renee took action in determining her future.
The warrior princess might be getting a comeback. NBC and NBC Universal are apparently following the trend of the remake
"[The show] had all that fighting, which I never liked, but had to do it, so my only defense was to get as good as possible
Lucy Lawless looks back at “Xena” and weighs in on the show’s violence.
Lucy Lawless describes her fascination with law and why she enjoys spending her free time in court.
It gets better fairly quickly. Subsequent episodes do a better job of setting up the characters Lucretia and Batiatus, the