Machine Gun Kelly

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Netflix has a new rock biopic.
🎵 "So good that you can't explain it." 🎵
Luke Holland - "Hold On" by MGK YouTube is filled with insanely talented drummers that have built impressive followings based
Bad Boy Records rapper Machine Gun Kelly came in last week to discuss... well we're not entirely sure.
Kelly, who is signed to Bad Boy Records and Interscope Records, appeared on the front steps of St. Andrews Hall in downtown
Perhaps most notably, though, it's the newness of it all that make the college award's show a success: the Woodie Awards spotlight up-and-coming performers, meaning it's more likely that those watching won't be as familiar with the artists and/or songs featured throughout the night.
This isn't the first incident involving rappers and computers to make news recently. In September, rapper DMX was filmed
"Machine Gun" was the nickname of George Kelly, a Prohibition-era gangster. The rest seems to happen pretty fast, at least