Machine Gun Kelly

People have hilariously responded to the couple’s bizarre first encounter they described to British GQ.
There may be trouble in paradise: Kelly couldn't say exactly how many tattoos were on Fox's body.
The two women introduced their boyfriends, Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker, at the MTV VMAs, and made a remark that fans had a lot to say about.
The UFC star later called the singer a "little Vanilla Ice boy rapper" and denied anything had happened.
It's the couple's first red carpet appearance since the actor was spotted with a ring on her left hand, prompting major engagement rumors.
The couple shared a spicy exchange on Instagram and some critics were not pleased.
The 35-year-old shared a series of snapshots of herself going to a grocery store and inadvertently revealed her lock screen to fans ... and her beau.
The 31-year-old shared a snapshot of his new ink on social media while declaring he'd shaved his head.
The 31-year-old told GQ he had a poster of his now-girlfriend on his bedroom wall in high school and a classmate claimed the musician used to say he'd marry Fox.
The actor said she "went to hell for eternity" after taking the psychoactive brew on vacation in Costa Rica.