plantar fasciitis

Whether you're healing from a foot surgery or an intense workout, these shoes will provide some much-needed relief.
These comfortable sandals for men and women include the Hoka One Ora Recovery slides, Skechers Arch Fit City Catch sandals and Vionic's Tide II toe post sandal.
I'm experiencing creaks in my floorboards.
Often times, they can magically solve many structural problems in the entire body. They allow the foot to function biomechanically
Every runner's experience and treatment is different. What worked for me was finding the right expert, whose treatment corrected my gait, healed my PF, and made me an improved runner. Don't let plantar fasciitis keep you off course and from your next marathon or ultra!
Perhaps you’re an avid runner who likes to run long miles every day or practice sprints along the track. All is well, until
Heel Pain (Figure 1) Patients often complain of heel pain and there are several common causes of that pain. A correct diagnosis
Because heel pain has such a huge impact on everyday activities like standing, walking, and running, people will go to drastic lengths and spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars trying to find a cure.