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"A good friend of mine ... said he heard about it ... said it was a perfect call. In fact. A lot of people are telling me it was great."
The first lady's anti-bullying campaign becomes the comedian's latest Trump family takedown.
Donald Jesus refuses to accept defeat in 2020, calls out the military and becomes president for life, writes Jonathan Greenberg. Then all hell breaks loose.
1. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife. 2. Thou shall covet thy neighbor’s daughter, especially that one who works the
With help from a few of my fellow commentators.
Griffin holding a faux bloody Trump head was political art, not satire.
You know what they say: “All close-minded things must come to an end.” Or, wait, is it, “Don’t cry because it’s over, be
Trump’s erratic behavior and strange tweets feed into the rumors.
Trump: O.K., who’s next? Bannon: Gorsuch. Trump: He’s the one, right? Bannon: Yes. Clarence swears by him. Trump: That Clarence
Jesus came to visit Donald Trump, just as the controversy surrounding Trump’s claim that Obama had tapped his phone was at
The Trump poet has put aside his rhyming dictionary for the moment to pursue the following appeal.  His last poetic effort
”Oh Where Did Your Balls Go, Paul Ryan?” might not be the Trump poet’s best poem, but it is hands-down his best title.  To