Professional sports

One of the proposals by the Democratic presidential candidate could shatter the NCAA’s “amateur” model.
Previously, athletes from the military's service academies had to serve two years of active duty before applying for reserve status to pursue a career in professional sports.
The Detroit Pistons' small forward says he feels "blessed" to be a queer ally in professional sports.
Portland, Oregon, has a long history of baseball teams — but no MLB team yet.
Since mid-2017, Republic Report's “Trump Terrible 10” has ranked the week’s 10 most disgraceful figures in the Trump administration
In modern professional sports, Kaepernick's stand (or seat) is a rare and welcome example of high-profile, highly-paid athletes taking a stand on important public issues.
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Answer by Khadevis Robinson, two-time Olympian and 8-time USA National Champion, NCAA Champion and Coach,, on
We can learn a few lessons from the IOC and the Olympic doping scandal on how to be on top of company culture. As a former
The mass media provides the financial foundation that drives commercialized sport. That has been the case for decades now.
"The athletic community is ready for a cultural shift as many of us know or love someone who identifies as LGBT."
Depending on your perspective, sport is either thriving or disintegrating today. From a purely commercial enterprise perspective, sport has never been stronger.
Based on the NBA's crass commercialization in recent years, and the fact that you have now slapped ads on every aspect of an NBA game, it's clear that the greed of your league's owners knows no bounds.
Baseball has only about 27 possible base-out states (combinations of base-runners and outs) that it needs to deal with. Football
One of the most frequent comments I hear from the athletes I work with is: "I had a lousy day of training." This statement was almost always accompanied by a variety of emotions that are neither pleasant nor helpful including frustration, anger, worry, doubt, and disappointment.
To say that Tiger Woods will make a comeback and that he will break Jack Nicklaus' record for the most major championship wins would be a huge stretch and probably untrue. In fact, Tiger himself doesn't even know what the future holds.
Most leadership and support structures in professional team sport are set up for failure. Although head coaches have their assistant coaches to lead certain aspects in training -- it is not what will prevent them from failure.
When considering the biggest sports law issues making news lately, virtually all of them derive from disagreements between employees and employers. A critical question has always been, to what extent should employees have a say in how their workplace operates?
Nadal is in a spot where people use the words 'won't' and 'still when describing his form. 'He won't win another French' or 'he's still a threat' is what they say now and what they'll continue to say until he retires.