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The Republican Platform: "We will use the full force of the law against those who engage in commercial sexual exploitation
This may be the last time I write before that fateful date November 8. I pray that each one of us will exercise our right
Accurately and insightfully, Stronger Together points out that the debate over Social Security is distorted by "years of mythmaking, claiming we cannot afford Social Security and that the only solution is to cut the benefits on which 90 percent of American seniors rely."
Social Security provides the majority of income for two out of three retirees and seven out of ten people with disabilities. It provides virtually all of the income for one out of three seniors and people with disabilities. It lifts over 20 million people -- including over a million children -- out of poverty and lessens the depth of poverty for millions more.
For mainstream Republican women, the Party platform, Party record, and Party rhetoric, despite speech points designed to woo "women," are more concerning than ever.
Republicans are calling their document the "strongest pro-Israel platform, ever", while Democrats are terming their language on Israel/Palestine the "most progressive, ever". In a sense, both are right. The problem is that I know Israeli peace activists who would seriously question the GOP claim and I know Palestinians who are deeply disappointed with the Democrats' final product.
"I don’t think people are going to read that platform document and say, ‘Man, I really want to be a Republican.'"
“I don’t think there’s a male alive that hasn’t actually watched pornography at some point in their life."
Given that gay conversion therapy has been rejected by all major medical and mental health organizations for decades, Austin
The document takes ultraconservative positions on just about everything.
In a move that caught the media by surprise, the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced that it had gotten the approval of every one of the 17 leading declared Republican presidential candidates to publish a comprehensive platform for the 2016 elections.
Can Gardner, who's running against Democratic Sen. Mark Udall, win with a there-is-no-federal-personhood-bill strategy? Or will a new crop of questions that should be asked by reporters force him articulate an actual factual explanation?
We believe the institution of traditional marriage strengthens our society. There should be no infringement on the rights