sand art

In our search for non-traditional ways to deck the halls this year, we stumbled upon this genius combination. Melding the ever-popular terrarium with one of our favorite comeback kids' crafts -- sand art! Put them together, fill them with air plants and you've got the perfect addition to a room.
Impossible geometric sand sculptures are what summer dreams are made of.
Are you stressed? Bored? Exhausted? Misunderstood? The captivating process is the work of Joe Mangrum, an artist who was
Courtesy Joshua Nowicki. “It is truly amazing,” Nowicki said about working in winter. “Every day I find something new that
And so a photography project was born. Using a DSLR camera, a tripod and the sandy expanses of a beach, Droppert creates
“A stick and a beach can provide an infinite number of creative possibilities," proclaims 3DSD, an appropriately named sand
Who's ready to take a break from work and enter a mesmerizing trance? Anyone? Russian artist and former mathematician Mikhail
As part of the Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting Competition in New Hampshire earlier this summer, Jara sculpted a large
The artist and host of Sand Masters on the Travel Channel gave New Yorkers a taste of surf life when he sculpted an insanely
"Once I begin building and forms take shape, I can start to see where things are going and either follow that road or attempt
Even sand sculptures can't escape technology! Tweet a picture of this social media-inspired work and you'll get really meta
Upon seeing this striking meditation on the transitory nature of life, the internet got deep. Comments included "A symbol
It can actually be useful in your home.
For some of Tan's work, click through the images below. If you like what you see, head to his site "Sandworkz" for more. Summer
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There are certain things you expect to see along Maryland's Ocean City Boardwalk during the summer: Children eating ice cream cones and funnel cake. Booze. Skimpy bikinis and sunburns. But giant replicas of Noah's Ark and the Last Supper? Not so much.
Titled "Walking Drawings," the experimental installation project has been ongoing for the past eight years. The large-scale
The earthscapes fall into two categories; geometric and organic. His geometric pieces, like "Flower of Life," are intricate
Remember when you were a little kid making sand castles and right when you achieved perfection a giant wave crashed down