sand art

In our search for non-traditional ways to deck the halls this year, we stumbled upon this genius combination. Melding the ever-popular terrarium with one of our favorite comeback kids' crafts -- sand art! Put them together, fill them with air plants and you've got the perfect addition to a room.
Impossible geometric sand sculptures are what summer dreams are made of.
See the process in all its spellbinding glory below. If you happen to be in Zuidlaren, these works will be on view until
A blizzard may have thwarted photographer Joshua Nowicki’s Valentine’s Day plans with his wife, but it didn’t stop him from
And so a photography project was born. Using a DSLR camera, a tripod and the sandy expanses of a beach, Droppert creates
“A stick and a beach can provide an infinite number of creative possibilities," proclaims 3DSD, an appropriately named sand
Who's ready to take a break from work and enter a mesmerizing trance? Anyone? Russian artist and former mathematician Mikhail
Check out the entire sculpture in the video above and give us your Olympic rating below. h/t Visual News Sand Sculpture for
If you want to see the ephemeral work in person, head to Water Street, between Whitehall and Broad Streets in New York. Check
Here are more examples of Seibert's impressive geometric castles: Calvin Seibert uses geometric shapes as inspiration for
The whole family is sure to love this sculpture which appeared at the 2006 Dunegrass Festival. Hockey fans will love this
Upon seeing this striking meditation on the transitory nature of life, the internet got deep. Comments included "A symbol
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Afterward the castle-builders and hangers-on headed to boardwalk bar Ripper's (official slogan: Titties and Beer) for an
There are certain things you expect to see along Maryland's Ocean City Boardwalk during the summer: Children eating ice cream cones and funnel cake. Booze. Skimpy bikinis and sunburns. But giant replicas of Noah's Ark and the Last Supper? Not so much.
Check out images of Evewright's "Walking Drawings" in the slideshow below. The artists states on his website that he was
Remember when you were a little kid making sand castles and right when you achieved perfection a giant wave crashed down