satya nadella

That means converting 100% of the business to renewable energy and investing in carbon-absorbing technologies.
They say they “refuse to create technology for warfare and oppression.”
"The face Tim Cook makes when he wishes he had run for president instead of being CEO of Apple."
And that brought Steve to Seattle. His response - he did take the time to reply! On paper, what draws talent to companies
The latest layoffs take the company's total planned job cuts up to 4,700.
So the winner of this buyout, without a doubt, is beBee. And that means Microsoft is going to work harder to collect more
Embrace, showcase and leverage your diversity via the professional social platform. Merge it with your formal education and enlightened organizations will cherish you, because they understand diversity breeds innovation. And innovation... breeds success.
Many people are shocked when they discover that Facebook and other tech behemoths routinely monetize their user data. This
Sidhant: That's a long list but it started when I first spent a few weeks here as an intern many years ago. At that time
Rubenstein is not alone. Joining the CEOs on today's board of the BCA, led by Chairman Edgar Smith, CEO of World Pac Paper