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It's a rare move and leaves Scott Dekraai likely facing eight consecutive life sentences.
During the first week of new hearings, two deputies caught in the middle refused to testify.
The snitch scandal has already upended more than a dozen Southern California murder cases.
A cache of newly unsealed documents point to a thriving informant system. Only the sheriff's office seems unconvinced.
A public defender has accused the county sheriff department of intentionally hiding and possibly destroying evidence.
County prosecutors have only recently acknowledged that a jailhouse informant program does indeed exist.
I personally found the broadcast a disappointment, but the season was very strong and that did come across. Kudos to On Your
Of course, the season has already crowned one giant hit, Hamilton, that will inevitably define it. But there is still much to come.
Erik Petersen is accused of mishandling critical evidence affecting several criminal cases.
Moriel would spend the next two-and-a-half years as a key informant for the cops. As a state's witness, he would testify
In March, Goethals ejected Rackauckas' entire office from further proceedings in the mass murder trial of Scott Dekraai, who
Goethals recused DA Tony Rackauckas' entire office from prosecuting Dekraai's case just last week. The ruling followed Sanders
As Goethals read from his ruling Thursday, a visibly distraught Dekraai turned and whispered "I'm sorry" to victims' family