surge pricing

A battle royal is looming for June 2016 in a federal courtroom in San Francisco. The combatants? Uber versus its drivers.
Uber’s surge pricing doesn’t necessarily increase the availability of rides. It just makes them more expensive.
Stephen, I realize it's only entertainment and that your job is to make people laugh. But when you bring on a very un-funny fellow like Travis Kalanick, it seems you and your production team should think a little more cleverly about how you put lipstick on that pig.
How did Uber, which increases prices during times of high demand, arrive at that precise limit? Lyft, a competing service
If Uber can come up with market designs that allocate scarce perishable resources in real time more efficiently and make people happier, that's applicable in a lot of areas and worth far more than the taxi industry they're disrupting. It's a hundreds-of-billions of dollars type of problem.
Setting prices for your small business is rarely easy. However, with a little research, and with help from emerging technology, it's possible to set prices that customers are willing to pay while providing you with the profit you need to succeed long-term.
Space travel. Bitcoin payments. Suites on airplanes. Some trends just keeping popping up on our news feeds time and time again. Some of these are fantastic and others... not so much.
Tuesday's announcement also comes on the heels of the company reducing UberX fares in New York City by 20 percent -- a temporary
For an industry that claims to be built on trust, the companies that make up the sharing economy have adeptly avoided addressing
Calacanis told the crowd that the protesters were upset because of six AV technician positions that hadn't gone to unions
Stern School of Business Professor Arun Sundararajan says we may see an overall shift in consumer attitudes toward surge