"Star Wars" gave me destiny.
We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness
Here is what I wish I'd told my son on his first day of school:
Surrendering self has no power in it to "do" anything. Any anticipation in surrendering self proves the self is still looking
Love goes on and on and on. Always.
Being in the now, means no longer trying to make things happen. I began letting problems work themselves out. I stopped trying
Surrender isn't something that our minds can accomplish, but it is something that, with awareness, we can invite into our lives.
I was dragging the kids through Target on a Sunday afternoon to buy end-of-the-year teacher gifts and follow that errand with a grocery run, and my phone rang. It was my mom, and she was on the way to the hospital to meet my grandparents there.
Recently, I've felt a tinge of jealousy watching those who have careers, relationships, or lives that fill them up -- emotionally, mentally, and spiritually; however, I had naively put myself in that group for years. I felt sympathy for those who didn't have the "picture perfect" life because the grass was beautifully green and manicured on my side.
The former Cleveland Browns quarterback was released on bond.