Tessa Thompson

"There’s so many cool queer characters in the comic books, and they should have a place on screen," Thompson said.
"If Tessa wanted to do that, I’m in," the "Thor: Love and Thunder" director said.
"As new king, she needs to find her queen," Thompson said during a panel at Comic-Con.
The Oscar-winning actress held up the mighty hammer during Saturday's Marvel panel at the San Diego Comic-Con.
Can Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth star in every movie together?
Photos show they have the look down as alien-policing secret agents in the "M.I.B" reboot.
“Sorry To Bother You” may be an absurdist dark comedy, but it gets very real about everyday racism.
Except maybe Romelu Lukaku's World Cup showing.
In an interview with Porter magazine, the actress said she is “attracted to men and also to women.”
At least one might have already been there all along...