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The clip of the president's speech Tuesday seemed to make him look more orange than usual and looped a tongue movement.
The ground service worker took an Alaska Airlines plane from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.
5 arrested at "Patriot Prayer" gathering in Seattle arranged by the College Republicans.
Having been targeted by the agency and thrown in its jails, the world must know my story.
Deputies originally said he was holding a knife or "some sort of sharp object."
Investigators say a hit-and-run driver intentionally struck the two young men.
The city's tech boom brought an affordable-housing crisis. Now, Amazon is giving back.
Michele Anderson gunned down her relatives after a dispute over money.
The Seattle Times has teamed up with the Solutions Journalism Network to change the conversation about education. The initiative
Many years ago, I decided I could no longer be married to my husband. Unbeknownst to me, my leaving meant that my things in the house suddenly became his.
"Invisible Families" is a multi-part series by The Seattle Times done in collaboration with our online news partners. These
With features such as comment boards and community blogs, the Internet makes possible the essence of journalism: creating public discourse.
While media in the Muslim and Arab worlds have opposed the war in Iraq and in other Muslim countries, their reports and editorial lines can hardly be viewed as monolithic.