Trump International Hotel and Tower

The attorney general booked the Trump property in Washington, D.C., for a 200-person holiday party, according to The Washington Post.
That doesn't include millions taxpayers spend every time Trump travels to one of his own properties, such as Mar-a-Lago.
“It is just plain wrong and unethical for you to use your role as president to allow lobbyists and foreign countries to try to in effect bribe you," says Rep. Dina Titus.
Cork Wine Bar had accused the president of reaping illegal benefits from Trump International Hotel.
The Trump Organization's Inflated revenue figures are "flagrantly untrue," said a Crain's reporter.
A man in Washington got cheeky with the president.
What better place to defend the fired national security adviser than at Trump International in D.C.?
Trump’s office building has received $274,000 in rent over the first three months of this year for an election more than three years away.
People around the country spent the holiday speaking out against the president's agenda.