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The cause of the sudden collapse was under investigation, officials said.
He Jiankui, the lead researcher, shocked the scientific world when he announced in November 2018 that he had altered the embryos of twin girls.
Teachers at a Beijing school allegedly forced children to take pills, jabbed them with needles and made them strip naked.
“That is a grave threat not only to the safety and security of the United States, but that of others worldwide."
[Chinese soldiers in Sino-Indian border./ Source: search engine Baidu] India's military buildup near Chinese border also
In an interview with Xinhua on the eve of the golf tournament played recently at Augusta National golf club, Jin said playing
Xinhua identified the two Canadians as Kevin Garratt and Julia Dawn Garratt, but did not say whether they had been detained
Do you remember the man who stopped a column of 17 tanks on Beijing's Avenue of Eternal Peace in June 1989, the day after the bloody crackdown on the Tiananmen Square protests?
The Chinese government is often accused, most vocally by the United States, of hacking into computer networks overseas, targeting
"It has also become a handy tool for U.S. politicians who try to court the votes and support of ill-informed voters by ratcheting