Armie Hammer

The actor drew attention on social media to Marvel Entertainment Chairman Isaac Perlmutter, a longtime Trump supporter.
Hammer's wife, Elizabeth Chambers, put her foot down in a statement against their arch enemies.
Despite the buzz, the "Hotel Mumbai" star doubted if a follow-up to the beloved gay drama would match the impact of the original.
The "Call Me By Your Name" actor said he was preparing for "The Tonight Show" while the internet mourned his lost locks.
The "Call Me By Your Name" star vowed to work on his "Twitter impulse control."
"No better way to commemorate an absolute legend than putting up a picture of yourself," he tweeted after Lee’s death.
Don't expect him or Timothée Chalamet to be landing any peach endorsements, though.
The "Straight White Men" star had choice words after an audience member shouted at Bornstein during a performance.
But the "Straight White Men" writer says she's "glad that door is open now."
The "Call Me By Your Name" star talked about his Broadway debut and Donald Trump with Stephen Colbert.
Ginsburg recently filmed a short cameo for an upcoming movie, one of two big screen projects about her that are premiering this year.
Hollywood's finest actors explored their softer sides at the Oscars this year. Basically, the future is velvet.
Before he broke out with "The Social Network," Hammer played the famous evangelist in a cheesy, homoerotic biopic that no one saw. It's a thing to behold.
In a time when women are grappling with men's failings, it's comforting to dream of a Chalamet-filled future.
Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet's rehearsal was a literal roll in the grass.