Bill Murray In A Bathtub Offers A Strong Argument For Wearing A Mask

The comic icon has some logic to use on people who refuse to wear a facial covering.

Screen icon Bill Murray says he’s wearing a mask when he goes out, but most of the younger people he sees aren’t.

“Most young people do not wear masks at all,” he told Jimmy Kimmel during a remote appearance from his bathtub in South Carolina. “They don’t.”

Murray said some arguments simply don’t work, even in the middle of a deadly coronavirus pandemic.

“You could argue, ‘Oh you’re being socially irresponsible, you’re risking your life and the lives of others,’” he said. “Eh, maybe. Who cares?”

Then he offered up a better line of logic.

“You’re missing a real opportunity to say, ‘I’m on the side of law and order,’” he said. “If I weren’t on the side of law and order, wouldn’t I have walked in with my guns drawn?”

Murray and Guy Fieri will hold a showdown over nachos on Friday on the Food Network’s Facebook page to raise money for the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, which was started by Fieri.

See more of Murray’s bathtub interview with Kimmel below:

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