Here's What HuffPost Readers Couldn't Get Enough Of In April 2020

Including a Le Creuset Dutch oven, a much-loved CBD body lotion and an easy-to-install bidet.

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Le Creuset's colorful cookware, a sunscreen to get your glow on and a plushy pillow for sweet dreams — these are a few of HuffPost readers’ favorite things in April.
Le Creuset's colorful cookware, a sunscreen to get your glow on and a plushy pillow for sweet dreams — these are a few of HuffPost readers’ favorite things in April.

It’s hard to believe it’s the end of April already! But it’s a great time to review HuffPost readers’ online shopping habits.

If March was all about cooking up healthy prepared meals that can be delivered, finding plant delivery services and making sure your phone is sanitized, April was about finally getting into the groove of social distancing.

And that meant folks did some serious online shopping — including getting their dream Dutch oven by browsing never-on-sale cookware from Le Creuset to cook up homemade meals. (The sale goes until May 11, so there’s still time to browse it for Mother’s Day gifts.)

Readers were also getting a highly rated CBD body lotion on sale at Sephora for the end of a long day of working from home, as well as buying bralettes — because real bras are canceled for now.

The HuffPost Finds team has been keeping an eye on what catches readers’ attention, and we’ve pulled together a list of some of the finds HuffPost readers were most interested in this April.

Check out what HuffPost readers couldn’t get enough of in April:

A Le Creuset Dutch oven for all those night-in dinners
Le Creuset
You might have cooked up lots of recipes this month, from Alison Roman's now famous shallot pasta to the focaccia from "Salt Fat Acid Heat." And if you've been looking for cookware for those culinary adventures, you're not alone. When Le Creuset's first-ever sitewide sale dropped early this month, readers snagged the brand's iconic Dutch oven. Find it for $200 at Le Creuset.
A face mask for social distancing
In the time of social distancing, lots of us have been searching for face masks. This mask is made with two layers of cotton and has adjustable straps. Find a single mask for $10 at SHOPVIDA. This face mask five-pack from LAmade has been popular with HuffPost readers, too.
A set of sheets for sweet dreams
Teeth brushed, night cream set, eye mask on: When our readers were ready to catch some ZZZs, they looked for something that was cool and comfortable. And these sheets fit the bill! Bonus: They are meant for hot sleepers. Find the set for $99 to $149 (depending on size) at Brooklinen.
A much-loved CBD body lotion
A Thrive Market subscription for groceries delivered to your door
Thrive Market
While Amazon and Walmart might be out of the almond butter you like or chips you love to snack on during the day, you could try out a grocery delivery service that'll bring groceries right to you. Thrive Market, which stocks up on organic and non-GMO brands, has been especially popular with HuffPost readers. Check out the groceries at Thrive Market.
A pair of sneakers that'll feel like you're walking on air
They are called the Cloudfoam Pure Shoes, so you can take them for a walk around the neighborhood when you need a moment of fresh air. Find them for $49 at Adidas.
A seamless bralette — since bras are canceled
Forget about hooks that don't actually hook and straps that dig into your skin: Real bras are gone for now. And this top-rated bralette will give you some support instead. Find it for $24 at Anthropologie.
A nonstick pan for frying up eggs, bacon and pancakes
Le Creuset
There's nothing like breakfast, and readers found this nonstick frying pan perfect for those mornings when they craved eggs and bacon. Le Creuset's first sitewide sale is still going strong, so now's your chance to snag it for less than $100. Find it for $88 at Le Creuset.
A plushy pillow that's hypoallergenic
It even comes in three different densities, depending on how much fluff you prefer. Find it for $59 to $89 (depending on size) at Parachute.
A sunscreen that'll have you glowing
When you're stepping out for a quick walk in the middle of the day, this sunscreen will give you UV protection. Plus, it's vegan, cruelty-free and reef-safe. Find it for $25 at Sephora.
A dressy pair of slide sandals
Nordstrom's marathon of minisales kicked off earlier this month. It's your chance to break in shoes by wearing them around the house now. You can easily slip into these slide sandals. Find them for $57 at Nordstrom.
A pair of pull-on pants to give your sweatpants a break
Your sweatpants might have been working overtime this month to keep up with late-night Netflix watching and all those Google Hangout calls. Try these pants instead: They are super easy to wear because of an elastic waistband, and they're crease-resistant as well. Find them for $104 at Everlane.
A Le Creuset stockpot for stews and broths on cloudy days
Le Creuset
When there's a slight chill, you'll want something warm. And this on-sale stockpot will do just the trick. Remember to really caramelize those onions. Find it for $64 at Le Creuset.
Slip-ons to slip on for lounging around the house
If you're looking to give your favorite slippers the day off, you might slip on these eco-friendly sneakers that'll have you feeling energized for chores around the house. Find them for $95 at Allbirds.
A pleated dress that's perfect for Zoom cocktail hours
You might be rotating sweatpants and college sweatshirts every week. Or you might be buttoning down those button-downs while working from home. Either way, when you're jumping on a Zoom happy hour, you can't go wrong with this little blue dress to feel dressed up. Find it for $35 at Nordstrom.
An easy-to-install bidet for bathroom breaks
It's a strange time: Toilet paper is flying off shelves and searches for bidets are soaring. So you might try a bidet out for yourself. Find it for $79 at TUSHY.

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