Thanksgiving Turkey Tips And Recipes

Everything you need to nail Thanksgiving.
This Thanksgiving, you'll actually know what you're doing with that carving knife.
There's no other way to perfectly season your bird and guarantee that it won't dry out.
So many good ones to choose from.
We're giving you permission to skip the whole bird.
The last thing you need on Thanksgiving is a foodborne illness.
11 problems you might encounter, and how to conquer them.
Consider duck, goose, pheasant, ostrich or partridge as your main dish this holiday. They're more nutritious, better tasting and even have built-in moisture regulation systems.
The basic rule of thumb? One pound of turkey per person, unless you want lots of leftovers.
Stop wondering and get the answers.
They taste better than supermarket turkeys, and they're better for the environment and for you. But there's another reason you should eat more of them.
Spare yourself the shame of serving a frozen bird.
The FDA weighs in on this controversial topic.
Here's how to know for sure.
More importantly, here's why you should buy them.

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