Matthew Whitaker

A bombshell new report claims Trump pushed for a political ally to take over the criminal investigation into Cohen.
The president reportedly voiced his desire to put someone on his side in charge of the investigation. He denies it.
The White House's acting chief of staff gets a chuckle and complains that inquiries like the acting attorney general's hearing "punch Trump in the face."
The former attorney general called Trump’s Fox News fixation the source of his views.
A surprise shift in the DOJ’s legal opinion during the government shutdown just happened to benefit Sheldon Adelson.
The acting attorney general appeared stunned as the congresswoman grilled him on the “zero humanity” border policy and how it hurt children.
Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker stunned the House Judiciary Committee with his answer to committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.).
The acting attorney general told Congress he would continue the "practice of not disclosing information that may be subject to executive privilege."
The acting attorney general said the House Judiciary Committee took an "unnecessary and premature step of authorizing a subpoena."
The Kentucky senator also spoke out against Brett Kavanaugh's nomination, but ultimately voted to confirm.
Trump initially replaced Jeff Sessions with acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, whose appointment came under scrutiny.
Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker has not been formally vetted by the Senate for conflicts of interest.
Muslim, Christian, Jewish and secular groups issued a joint letter opposing acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.
It's time for all Americans to stop wishing, waiting and willing this presidency into normalcy.
Whitaker has been leading the Justice Department after Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier this month.