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Cooper lip-syncs Trump and Mirren plays Billy Bush in the bit for the comedian's new Netflix show, "Everything's Fine."
Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) told reporters that she doesn’t disagree with anything that President Donald Trump has said or done.
The Trump disciple's ignorance about the infamous "Access Hollywood" boast is hard to buy.
Four years ago, the "Access Hollywood" tape threatened Donald Trump's political career. Then he won anyway.
The TV personality unpacked the aftermath of the 2005 audio recording that changed his life: “I’m much more curious about other people’s experiences.”
The California senator quoted from the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape in her closing remarks before the Senate votes on Trump's articles of impeachment.
As detailed in a new book, she refused to kiss husband Mike Pence on election night, telling him: "You got what you wanted, Mike. Leave me alone."
The new "Extra" host, during an interview with CBS' Gayle King, discussed the scandal that cost him his job and his recent return to TV.
"How do you know he actually did that?" the former White House deputy told a caller on his radio show.
"These past couple years have been character building to say the least," the former "Today" co-host wrote.