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“It is clear that ABC News’ enabling of Mr. Epstein has consequences," the House minority leader wrote to the network's president.
The journalist spoke to Ashley Bianco, a CBS producer who was fired after the network learned she had access to Amy Robach's interview with Virginia Giuffre.
The "20/20" host has since spoken out, calling it "a private moment of frustration" and stating her reporting didn't meet editorial standards.
Amy Robach posted the 2015 interview on Tuesday, calling Fisher "brilliantly talented and funny."
"My oncologist said, 'You are out of the baby-making business.'"
The ABC News morning show co-host was diagnosed with breast cancer in November only after undergoing an ABC-sponsored mammogram
ABC News president Ben Sherwood commented on Elliott's exit in a statement earlier this week, saying: "As many of you know
With two of her six chemotherapy sessions now complete, Amy Robach has decided to cut her hair and take control "away from
Amy Robach Cuts Hair To Take Control Of Cancer
Thursday marked Robach's first appearance on the air since the procedure and despite the latest challenge, Robach maintained
ABC News' Amy Robach disclosed in a letter to her colleagues on Friday that while undergoing a double mastectomy last week
Her friend and GMA colleague, Robin Roberts, a breast cancer survivor herself, told her that if she saved one life by doing this, it would be worth it. Little did Amy know that the life she would save would be her own.
The 'Today' show co-hosts expressed their love and support for Amy Robach on Tuesday via Twitter, following her breast cancer
"YOU saved your life, Amy," Roberts replied. In a twist of fate, her diagnosis was revealed only after she reluctantly underwent
Amy Robach discusses her cancer discovery on "GMA."
"Today" weekend anchor Amy Robach is leaving NBC News to join ABC News. Robach bid farewell to "Today" during her last show
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