Mark Conditt reportedly had a much more deadly plan to end his bombing rampage.
"Why couldn’t it have been somebody else?" I thought to myself. "Why can’t I ever just blend in?"
Rachel Hollis gets real in her latest installment of Momfessions.
Should you lie to your children? No one wants to create little fibbers, who grow up to be bigger fibbers... and then criminals
"Being a bridesmaid should be an honor but honestly it's more of a burden."
A videotaped police statement released to HuffPost shows the guard admitting he shot Barron Victor Jr. in self defense.
“My heart melts when my stepdaughter runs to me.”
Or not. Almost everything in the previous paragraph is wrong, except for the part about green beer. Patrick was not only
I'm sharing these confessions so all you introverts out there know you're not alone, and so all you beautifully expressive extroverts will understand we're not rude or shy or distant -- we just really want to stop talking about nothing.
Like his uncle, Brendan may be guilty. Unlike his uncle, his conviction rests entirely on the coerced confession of a frightened, mentally-challenged boy badgered by grown men wielding badges and guns and uniforms and loud, firm voices.
Have you ever been in line at the grocery store and received a sideways stare from the cashier? Maybe he/she gave your extra absorbent pantyliners a smirk or your beer and condoms a second look.