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"Why are we angry Asians? It comes from a place of being stepped on. There is a level of invisibility we have.”
Paul Nungesser claimed the university supported an "outrageous display of harassment and defamation."
Alexander Nolan, Two Elephants in Park, 2015, ink, watercolor, pastel on paper, 7.5 x 11 in. Image courtesy of the artist
Emma Sulkowicz's art project received international attention, and he insists the school should have done something about it.
The white platform is already showing traces of numerous visitors to Emma Sulkowicz's Self Portrait project at Coagula Curatorial
I am a medical student, yes. I am also a survivor of sexual violence. The recent surge of articles surrounding Emma Sulkowickz prompted me to reflect on this latter identity. I know I will always carry the mark of my trauma with me -- and I am learning how I will better empathize with patients because of it.
We reached out to Sulkowicz for comment, but had yet to hear back at time of publication. "It was a super risky piece and
Maybe the campus protests seemed rather isolated at first. Dissatisfaction with the administration. Outrage over bad decisions
I have had my character and credibility questioned at every turn. I have been attacked online with violent and misogynistic
Sulkowicz gained prominence in September 2014 when she began carrying a mattress around campus for as long as the male student
Despite a new university policy barring graduates from carrying "large objects" at the ceremony, Columbia officials permitted
A Columbia University student who was accused and cleared of rape last year is suing the school for not protecting him.
Read more on Jezebel After months of widespread coverage of sexual assault allegations at Columbia, this week the Daily Beast
Need help? In the U.S., visit the National Sexual Assault Online Hotline operated by RAINN. For more resources, visit the
The courageous women and men who are speaking out about their assaults should not have to share the most horrific experiences of their lives publicly in order to get the attention of their schools and their government. That shouldn't be on them.
In 2014 the word "feminism" was all over the media, from politics to music, reaching audiences it never has before. Here were some of the most notable moments.
Though his name is not widely known beyond the Morningside Heights campus, Mr. Nungesser is one of America’s most notorious
12. Swoon's "Submerged Motherlands" at the Brooklyn Museum As the year draws to a close, we're looking back at the exhibitions
No matter the cause -- whether it's our lack of comprehensive sex education, an ingrained rape culture, or ignorant institutional policies -- the fact remains: sexual assault is a serious issue on college campuses across the country.