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The small-screen adaptation of the former FBI director's memoir will also feature Emmy-winner Brendan Gleeson as Donald Trump.
"This president has completely soiled the Oval Office, soiled the presidency," the actor told MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell.
The actor explained why he believes “it’s the end of democracy” if Trump wins the 2020 election.
James Corden will return as host for the 73rd annual ceremony in June.
Are there other plays which you've done that you would consider doing again? David Harrower's Blackbird opened March 10, 2016
The special effects used to climb the Wall are a bit reminiscent of Jennifer Lawrence's bow and arrow in The Hunger Games
Jeff Daniels and Michelle Williams give frenzied, uncompromising performances as a pair of irremediably-ruined souls frozen by a bubbling mix of guilt, retribution, revenge and what seem to be dangerous crosscurrents of desire.
At brunch at the Vault in the St. Regis Hotel last week, writer Aaron Sorkin spoke about his script, loosely based on Walter Isaacson's biography.
Like Aaron Sorkin's work on The Social Network before it, Steve Jobs isn't meant to serve as historical document of a man, but rather a meditation on a movement.
I understand creative license and why films need to condense, simplify, fudge, and invent to create drama, but is there a point where this can be considered excessively dishonest?
The demands of a major motion picture and its limitations may be too conventional and narrow a box for the complex and world-changing Jobs.
I first read Andy Weir's bestseller The Martian a little over a year ago. Actually, "inhaled" might be a better word to use. The story, about an astronaut stranded on Mars, his struggle to survive and the struggles on Earth to try and bring him home, is about as gripping a book as I've ever consumed,
Once again, Matt Damon is a lone astronaut surviving on an empty planet. In Ridley Scott's "The Martian," Damon's NASA astronaut