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Bure opens up about what to expect when the Netflix show returns for its fifth and last season.
The actress was charged with taking part in the college admissions bribery scam and accused of paying $500,000 to get her two daughters into college.
The "Fuller House" actress appeared on "Today" with costar Jodie Sweetin amid the college admissions fallout.
He was arrested three times over nine days after a disturbing incident at her home.
We've all been there. Whether something big or small, whether something important or relatively insignificant, there are things we attempt that rattle us. Maybe they rattle us so much that we don't try again. Maybe just the thought of trying is so rattling that we don't even start.
"Everything I had known from the time I was 5 years old suddenly ended."
But where was Mischa Barton's Ryan Atwood-inspired tango?
"I have so much good stuff going on in my life right now that I try not to pay attention."
Commenters have responded saying that the photo humiliates Sweetin, who has struggled with drug abuse in the past.
With Netflix about to unveil the Full House sequel whimsically called Fuller House, it's safe to say some fans of the original have wondered over these last 20 years how life was treating D.J. Tanner and her friends.